Dr. Kalpesh Patel – How I Built My Tribe


Dr. Kalpesh Patel, the Founder of Active Dental. Since 2009, Active Dental of Irving has been dedicated to transforming smiles and promoting oral health. Recognizing the growing need for their services, it expanded its reach by opening a second practice, Active Dental of Arlington, in December 2019.

During this conversation, Dr. Kalpesh shares the highs and plateaus of his entrepreneurial journey, from his upbringing in a small motel in East Texas to pioneering his own successful dental practice. He also delves into the crucial role of communication in his dental tribe, emphasizing an open-door policy. Moreover, Dr. Kalpesh offers valuable insights into coaching, goal-setting, and aligning values, providing a wealth of knowledge for seasoned practitioners and those embarking on their dental careers.

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