Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride Treatments

What are Fluoride Treatments?

Fluoride is most often used to protect and strengthen teeth. This is why it is typically used in dental products and can be found in many public water drinking sources. If you’re not getting enough fluoride or are just looking for a better way to protect your teeth, we may recommend that you have fluoride treatments done. These treatments can be done in seconds in our office, and we can apply the fluoride varnish as often as needed.

Why are Fluoride Treatments needed?

You might want or need fluoride treatments if you are susceptible to decay and want to protect your teeth. If you don’t already get enough fluoride through the products you’re using, it might be a good idea to consider professional treatment. For children, we will typically apply fluoride to their teeth in order to keep them healthy and strong. You can request fluoride at virtually any time during the course of your treatment.

What Are Fluoride Treatments
Why Are Fluoride Treatments Needed

Who is a candidate for Fluoride Treatments?

Most patients are good candidates for fluoride treatments. The treatment itself takes just seconds and is noninvasive. In fact, we can apply the fluoride in conjunction with other procedures. For example, most patients will have treatment after their cleaning and examination during a checkup visit.

What happens during Fluoride Treatments?

We will clean your teeth and dry them thoroughly. We then apply liquid fluoride to the teeth by brushing it over all of the tooth’s surface. You will be told to avoid drinking, eating and rinsing for about 30 minutes following your appointment. This gives the fluoride enough time to soak in and provide the strengthening benefits that you need. We are able to apply fluoride to your teeth at any appointment and may recommend it at times when we feel you would benefit from it. Fluoride is safe and has many dental-related benefits that can save your smile.

If you would like to come into the office to benefit from fluoride treatments, call our office today so that we can get you in for an appointment.