Sedation (Sleep) Dentistry

Sedation (Sleep) Dentistry

What is Sedation (Sleep) Dentistry?

Sedation is ideal for patients who have been forgoing treatment because of fear or anxiety over the dental office. We understand that undergoing dental treatment can be scary and panic-inducing. However, we offer sedative options that can help to relax you for the treatment that you need. For more invasive procedures and surgeries, we may even recommend undergoing sedation to help the process go smoothly.

Why would Sedation (Sleep) Dentistry be needed?

The reason you may need sedation is because you suffering panic attacks or have severe anxiety when visiting the dental office. You might find it difficult to sit still for treatment. For some patients, they may be undergoing complex treatment that would benefit from sedation. Sedation dentistry is safe and effective for most of our patients, regardless of age.

What Is Sedation (sleep) Dentistry
Why Would Sedation (sleep) Dentistry Be Needed

Who is a candidate for Sedation (Sleep) Dentistry?

Most of our patients can safely have sedation administered in our office. We offer several different types of sedatives. We will discuss these options with you when you come into our office for treatment. By reviewing your health and medical history, we can determine if you might benefit from sedation.

What happens during the process for Sedation (Sleep) Dentistry?

We offer several different types of sedation to meet your needs for dental care. Nitrous oxide involves placing a breathing mask over your nose and instructing you to breathe in the sweet-smelling gas. This will help to relax you for treatment, which can make it easier for you to have work done in our office. Oral sedation is a pill that is taken prior to coming in for your appointment. This pill will deeply relax you and calm you down. We offer IV sedation to patients who are undergoing more complex procedures and surgeries. Our goal is to offer you a relaxed and comfortable experience when you come into our office for routine dental care.

If you’d like to learn more about sedation dentistry, call our office today to speak with one of our trained and knowledgeable staff members.